Myers Briggs®

Before you begin to understand others, it’s not a bad idea to have a reasonable understanding of yourself.
At the age of 25, I was sent on my first management course, I remember it well… Sunbridge Park in Bromley Kent.
I remember half way through the course we began to look at our Myers Briggs Psychological profiles. During this session, a cool chap walked in to have a chat with our lead trainer (I guess he too was a trainer… what a cool job!). After a while, he introduced himself and then asked: “which one of you is the ENTP.” I raised my hand. He said “Don’t worry it will be alright” and then promptly left the room!!
Below are 3 videos covering the 4 dichotomies of Myers Briggs… have fun

Extraversion & Introversion

Sensing & Intuition

Thinking/ Feeling Judging /Percieving