Conflict Management

Do you sometimes feel like you could give Kofi Annan a run for his money? Whether you have team members who are sniping behind each other’s backs or openly knocking seven bells out of each other whenever you leave the room, our Conflict Management course can help.


So, if you are fed up with playing referee, get your team on this course! It could be the best half day you have ever spent together. Feel the love!

What are the benefits?

When problems or misunderstandings occur between people, it usually comes down to one thing – the quality of their communication. Until your staff accept their differences and pool their resources, you won’t get the performance improvements you’re looking for.

Our Conflict Management course can help your team:

  • Understand the differences in the way people communicate
  • Understand how to gain and maintain rapport with others
  • Understand how to listen actively!
  • Learn how to use non-verbal language to maximum effect
  • Discover how to influence without starting World War 3.